Move It On (MIO) Railroad System

Welcome to the Move It On (MIO) Railroad System, a New York Central subsidiary.  It is a 102-foot shelf/peninsular N scale model railroad layout with 359 ft. of mainline, siding and yard trackage.  It has 264 feet of main line and 6 yards; Pontiac (passenger/freight), Chicago (passenger), Flint Yard, Lexington Yard, Ft. Harris and Fort J. Clements Yard.  Construction started in 1965 with the layout going through 7 cross-country moves.  Expansion into its current configuration began in 1997.  The layout is DCC (North Coast Engineering) and is designed for operating session and also for continuous running during open houses.  Train crews use switch lists and train movements are controlled by a central dispatcher located on the 4th floor of the MIO Headquarters in Pontiac.   

MIO System Corp Hqts 1                                            Jim Dispatcher Mio System

               MIO Headquarters – Pontiac                                                                                           Dispatcher Clements at Work                                

Get those signals fixed 1                                   Commuinication repairmen by river closeup

                  Keep the Line Moving                                                                                                    MIO Communication Workers