Hudson town sign website

Hudson is the “Friendliest City in the World” with the “Small Town Big Heart” philosophy.   Hudson contains a track maintenance area for the MIO System.  The Texaco fuel depot supplies the local area with fuel and related supplies.  The Myers Warehouse receives general merchandize for their Hudson department store. Hudson has a freight/passenger station and a main street containing several stores.  The Lewis Brewery is located next to the MIO System maintenance yard and is the maker of old fashion beer and communal wine servicing Ft.Harris and local churches.  Jerry Eagle the local police chief is very aggressive in speed enforcement.  He hangs out at Lori’s snack stand across from the depot.  Hudson is very proud of its volunteer fire department, which holds a number of open houses during the year.  It has a park encouraging train watchers, horseshoe players, and leisure activities on Lakeview.