Pontiac Union Station has 3 arrival/departure tracks, 3 holding tracks and passenger service area.  It also contains a 5 stall round house and is the primary servicing area for diesel power.  Passenger trains are served by the commissary and Railway Express Terminal.  There is a seven (7) track freight yard.  Todd’s Golf Supply Company requires a steady supply of wood and other products to make golf clubs, balls and related equipment. Todd is the son of MIO System owner. Todd’s business motto is, “We deal straight so you can drive straight.

Eddie Heiss Baking Company is owned and operated by the MIO System president’s father in law.  It uses recipes from the “Old Country” in Germany.  Chestnut Packing Company, subsidiary of Swift & Company requires a daily supply of livestock and shipping of processed meat along with other butchering byproduct.  New York Central maintains a large warehouse next to Chestnut Packing.  Pontiac is also the Headquarters for the MIO System.  The area beside the freight yard is comprised of small shops, bars, and a massage parlor.  This area requires a heavy police presence.   Several abandon buildings are in the area and there is some attempt at urban renewal, as seen by a pet shop, food shops and general stores next to the freight yard.  There is also a train watching area for rail fans.